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Installation and Configuration

  1. Create a virtual web server or directory and copy the WebApp application folder into it.
  2. Open the file ~/App_Data/FeedMaster.xml and modify it to contain the feeds you need. See the Template Developer Guide for format specification.
  3. Create a folder on your web server to host the Updater application and its configuration file (Updater.exe.config).
  4. Change the Updater.exe.config file so the setting DataFileName contains full path to the FeedMaster.xml file.
  5. Using the Task Scheduler or similar means, schedule the Updater.exe to be run periodically. Every time the updater is run, all the feeds are updated. The desired update interval (and thus times when the updater should be run) depends on nature of processed feeds and their update frequency. Generally schedules like "once per hour" are sufficient.

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